June 5, 2012


I miss you Chip. You were the best friend and companion a girl could have asked for. We found out Wednesday, May 23 that you were paralyzed from your 5th vertebrae down. You had been in pain for a week before that and started screaming in pain on Saturday night. We rushed you to the emergency vet clinic and they gave you a shot and sent us home. I prayed so hard for God to heal you because I wasn't ready to give you up yet. We took you back on Sunday night, and they decided to keep you so they could give you pain and muscle relaxer shots all night. I cried and prayed all night, then I realized I was praying wrong. So I gave you to God, then I felt a sort of peace. I picked you up Monday morning and took you starlight to our vet. She told me that it looked promising that she could fix you. She kept you until Wednesday when she did another examination on you. She called mom with the bad news. Dad rushed home to tell me. I knew as soon as I saw him that it wasn't good. I went down and saw you one last time. You laid your head on my chest and just loved on me. I told you how much I loved you and was gonna miss you. I just hugged you, and cuddled you one last time. I smelled you, and rubbed your fur. Looked into your expressive eyes and I knew you were done. You were tired and didn't want to hurt anymore. Dad was with me and he told you the same thing. I was proud of myself for not breaking down in front of you. I knew I had to stay strong for you. We told the vet that we knew what had to be done, we just didn't want to know the exact time.

We brought your body home on Thursday and buried you. I still miss you every single day. I have your collar around my rear view mirror so I have a daily reminder of you.

Chip, you were my best friend for almost 9 years and I will miss you every single day of my life. I love you little buddy.

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