March 7, 2014

Cheaters Suck Ass

Well, I am officially single again. I went to the boyfriend's (well, ex - boyfriend now) place on Sunday and kept seeing girls names pop up on his phone while I was there. I also found a tampon in his bathroom trash, so I started getting more suspicious than I already was. So he fell asleep on the couch and I went through his phone. Found out that he is married and telling her that he loved her. I got up and walked out. Got a little way down the road and texted him and told him to fuck off.

The next morning I texted his wife and told her what happened. He is denying everything we ever did or had to her. Good thing I have proof. She will text me and know he is lying and ask if I have a text showing he is lying. I sure do.

Anyway, he got so mad when I told him that I told her. He seemed to believe I was going to give him a second chance to cheat on me again. But when he found out that I had talked to his wife, he turned everything around on me. Blamed me for trying to ruin his life and kept telling me this was my fault. I told him he needed to look in the mirror. I'm just glad I found out now instead of further down the road. There is a lot more to this story and I will probably add that later. But this sure does ruin my reintroduction back into dating after 3 years of being single. Here's to another 3 years. Cheers

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