December 24, 2013

This Or That Holiday Style

This or That Link Up

I'm linking up with Candra again for the This or That Link Up!

It is Christmas Eve and I am at work for another hour and a half. This is the last This or That link-up and it is about my favorite holiday! Which is tomorrow. I am finally getting in the Christmas spirit. It happened about an hour ago. I have been pretty Scrooge-ish this year. But anyway, on to the questions.

Holiday Style

Halloween or Thanksgiving
Definitely Thanksgiving! I just love being with most of my family and just hanging out and talking.

Christmas or Your Birthday
Both. I can't choose just one on this one. My birthday is special because of course it was the day I was born. But Christmas is special because it is the day Jesus Christ was born. He came to earth to serve one purpose. To save our souls from hell. So they are both very, very special days.

Visiting Relatives or Your Relatives Visiting
How about neither? Either way I get banished from my bed so heck to the no! But I would rather visit my relatives because then I can choose when to leave instead of being the bad guy and kicking people out! Haha

Valentines Day or St.Patrick's Day
Ha. Both are just days to me. So it doesn't matter, but I'll choose St. Patrick's Day because I hate seeing all the mushy stuff all over everything when it is time for Valentines Day.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
Black Friday. I love online shopping, but I am usually an instant gratification person so I hate waiting on things to get here. I would rather have it the minute I pay for it.

December 10, 2013

This Or That

I'm linking up with Candra at Camo and Lipstick

This or That Link Up

Fashionable snow boots or Practical snow boots
I'm going to have to go with practical. Although down here in good ole Southeast TN we don't get very much snow.

Hat or Ear Muffs
Hat or ear warmers. No thanks on those fluffy balls sticking out of the side of my head

Snowed in or Playing out in the snow
Well, I can't be snowed in due to my job. We don't get snow days there. So playing in the snow.

Sledding or Snow Tubing
I've never been snow tubing but I would love to go.

Almost winter or Winter’s almost over
Winter's almost over most definitely. I am not a cold weather person!
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