May 14, 2014

Test Results And Other Randomness

I got a voicemail from my doctor's office today, cause my phone is a piece of crap that has no service in my house(that just started). I have never had this much trouble with my phone sending texts and making and receiving phone calls. I'm not sure if it is something with my phone, or with the cell tower closest to me, but it is getting so dang frustrating.

Anyway, since I went off on a tangent, let me get back on subject here, test results! I got a phone call from my doctor's office that let me know my results from my ultrasound.

Lyme disease? Negative!
Kidney issues? Negative!
Liver issues? Negative!

Everything is normal and I am healthy! I am so very thankful!

I am so glad I don't have to give my family bad news about my health!

So, anyway, Opie and I have been having issues the past few days. He has been growling and barking at everything. Including our other dogs, 2 of which were here before he was. It isn't constant, but it is enough that I have noticed it is worse than it has ever been. I am looking into training classes and obedience classes for him. Has anyone had any experiences with these classes? Good or bad? I would love it if Cesar Milan could come take care of him, but I ain't rollin' in money so I can't do all that! Haha. So, Cesar, if you see this, please come help me with my hellian! I have tried training him, but he is stubborn and would rather not do something than to do it and get a treat. I have tried everything I know to do to help him and nothing is working. I am ready to pull my hair out!

Speaking of hair, since my last post, I have had to cut another 2-3 inches off my hair cause I fried it and turned it green and purple. It was rough. But luckily, I was able to get it fixed the next morning, so it only stayed like that for about 12 hours. I didn't take any pictures of it and I haven't taken any pictures of my new color and style yet. I used snapchat to show it off and those didn't save, so whatever. Haha.

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May 5, 2014


I got a call from my doctor's office a couple weeks ago and they said my liver function is up. I asked what that meant and they said nothing yet but they want to recheck me. Well, I went today to be rechecked and I told them I had been bitten by a tick so they are also testing for Lyme Disease. The dr told me that he is scheduling me for an ultrasound on my liver on Friday. I haven't worried about anything throught all of this but I am worried now. I am absolutely scared to death.

I'm a worrier anyway, and this is making my worry meter go through the roof. I'm not sure how many people, if any, read this. But if you do, could you say a quick prayer for me and let me know. If you don't pray, then send me all the good thoughts you can spare. My family doesn't even know about this yet. I don't want them to worry like I am having to. This sucks but hopefully it is nothing. My fingers and arms and legs and toes are crossed.

April 8, 2014

Tuesday Tangent

This post is gonna be scattered and all over the place, but bear with me.

I finally got my blog redone and I love it. Kaylie did such a good job on it. She gave me exactly what I wanted.

I am finally working on a post with all the pictures from vacation, but I have a ton of pictures and quite a few stores from the beach, so it is coming along, but slowly.

I really want to join up with a swap with Candra from, but I'm just not sure I want to yet. I think it would help me get to know some other bloggers and make friends in the blogging world, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet.

I'm kinda worried about my pup Opie. He has never peed in his cage that he sleeps in and the last 2 times I have put him in there, I have had to clean his cage out because he has peed in it. I'm not sure what is going on with him or what.
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April 2, 2014

Cheater, Cheater

Ok. So the cheater? I woke up to a text from him this morning. I haven't heard from him since a few days before I left for Florida. To kinda give you a time frame, I left for Florida on March 8th and got back on the 15th. He texted to see if I was awake first, which I wasn't. The next message said "Look I'm only writing to say I'm sorry. I did you dirty and said some hasty things. You did nothing wrong and I'm sorry for how I treated you. You deserved better. Have a nice life. "
I didn't say anything back, but here is how I feel about it. Hell yes I deserve better than his sorry no good piece of trash ass. So do his wife and son. Yes, I said some things I shouldn't have, but I didn't lie to him nor did I cheat on him. I could have handled things better, I'm sure of this. But he wanted to lay the blame on me. Like I did something wrong. Texting his wife, was in my opinion, the best thing to do. We women have to stick together. I couldn't get mad at her, she was innocent. Or, she claims to be. To this day, I have no hard feelings toward her.  And I have forgiven him. Not because he apologized or deserves to be forgiven, but because my hatred toward him was doing nothing but hurting me and I am tired of hurting.

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March 7, 2014

Cheaters Suck Ass

Well, I am officially single again. I went to the boyfriend's (well, ex - boyfriend now) place on Sunday and kept seeing girls names pop up on his phone while I was there. I also found a tampon in his bathroom trash, so I started getting more suspicious than I already was. So he fell asleep on the couch and I went through his phone. Found out that he is married and telling her that he loved her. I got up and walked out. Got a little way down the road and texted him and told him to fuck off.

The next morning I texted his wife and told her what happened. He is denying everything we ever did or had to her. Good thing I have proof. She will text me and know he is lying and ask if I have a text showing he is lying. I sure do.

Anyway, he got so mad when I told him that I told her. He seemed to believe I was going to give him a second chance to cheat on me again. But when he found out that I had talked to his wife, he turned everything around on me. Blamed me for trying to ruin his life and kept telling me this was my fault. I told him he needed to look in the mirror. I'm just glad I found out now instead of further down the road. There is a lot more to this story and I will probably add that later. But this sure does ruin my reintroduction back into dating after 3 years of being single. Here's to another 3 years. Cheers

February 15, 2014


As you may or may not know, I started school in January to get my prereqs so I can go to nursing school. I also work a full time job. I hate to bitch about it, but this is stressing me out. I feel like I don't have time to do anything but work, school and homework. I'm not sure how single parents do it with working, going to school and taking care of their kids. If you are one of those people I commend you! So just in case nobody had ever told you, you are amazing!

I have 3 classes this semester. Ethics 1010, Comp 1 and Math. I am ready to pull my dang hair out, but I'm just glad I didn't take a full 12 hour semester. I have got to get my time management in order and start getting stuff done before the deadline. Haha.

Anyway, only 22 days left until I leave for Florida! I am beyond excited. I haven't been on vacation since October, 2012.

That's about all the updating I have to do right now. Oh, wait, I forgot 1 thing. That guy that supposedly loves me, I haven't heard from him since Wednesday night. He didn't even text me or call me to tell me Happy Valentine's Day! Any advice?

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